The Retrosaria brand was born in 2008 as a vision to return the popularity to natural Portuguese wool that was overwhelmed by foreign synthetic fibers. Retrosaria’s founder, Rosa Pomar, cooperates with local sheep breeders and sells yarns made exclusively from Portuguese wool. Retrosaria yarns are made from carefully selected raw materials and are minimally processed: non superwash, not bleached and have no silicone based softeners. Nowadays animal friendly growing and shearing conditions are as important as the quality of raw material. Thats why the wool for Retrosaria yarns comes from free range sheep. Mulesing is not practiced in Portugal either.

Here you can find and try some heritage wool yarns from Portugal.



Fibre Content: 100% Wool (50% Saloia, 50% Merino Branco and Merino Preto)
Weight: 50 g
Length: 125 m
Recommended Knitting Needles: 4mm
Tension/Gauge: 19-21 sts/28-30 rows/10×10 cm

Brusca is a breed and flock specific yarn. It is made of 50% Saloia and 50% Merino Branco and Merino Preto wool. Saloia is the native sheep breed to the region of Lisbon and Setúbal. It is well documented since the 19th century as its wool was one of the finest available in the country. Saloia sheep have also become famous for their milk, from which the famous Azeitão cheese was traditionally made. Shades A, B, C and BC are natural (not dyed). Like all Retrosaria yarns, Brusca is non-superwash and not bleached. Brusca is made from the wool of free range sheep. Mulesing is not practised in Portugal.



Fibre Content: 100% Wool
Weight: 100 g
Length: 385 m
Recommended Knitting Needles: 2-4mm
Tension/Gauge: 24-32 sts/30-48 rows/10×10 cm

Mondim is a non-superwash fingering weight yarn made from fine Portuguese wool. It is named after a Portuguese village once famous for its socks knitting industry. Mondim is very durable, warm and 100% natural yarn which is excellent for socks and heavy-wear garments. Grown, scoured, milled and dyed in Portugal.


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