Gepard Garn


Gepard Garn was established by Sus Gepard in 1989. It is a Danish brand greatly influenced by the Scandinavian style and design tradition.

Gepard collaborates with small, family-owned, Italian yarn mills with tradition and extensive knowledge of spinning and dying – the sort of knowledge that makes them among the premier in Italy both for trend product and classic yarns.


Kid Seta

Fibre Content: 70% Super Kid Mohair, 30% Silk
Weight: 25 g
Length: 210 m
Recommended Knitting Needles: 3-5.5mm
Tension/Gauge: 18-27 sts/ 23-36 rows/10x10cm

Kid Seta is one of Gepard Garn’s most popular yarns, known for its exclusive quality and the market’s largest color range. Kid Seta is soft and delicious, the mohair puffs up lively and works excellently together with another thread or alone. Mohair is known worldwide as “the noble fibre” or “the diamond fibre”. Its exclusive qualities – lustre, resilience and colour reflection – have been its success. Kid Seta has 30% of silk which gives shine, strength and extra softness. Kid Seta is pure luxury.


Gepard Linen HØR

Cotton Baby Lino

Fibre Content: 80% Cotton, 20% Linen
Weight: 50 g
Length: 178 m
Recommended Knitting Needles: 3-3.5mm
Tension/Gauge: 24-28 sts = 10cm

Cotton Baby Lino is a wonderful and soft summer yarn blend from cotton and linen. This yarn comes in beautiful pastel colours and is perfect for summer and baby knitwear.