Schoppel Wolle

The Hohenloher Wolle GmbH is a company with clear position. For more than 60 years the traditional company stands for the manufacturing and processing of hand knitting yarns “Made in Germany”. The raw wool for the whole collection comes from Patagonia and local sheep farms. Schoppel Wolle is the centrepiece of this company. All yarns are produced according to highest quality standards, well-known and being used by knitters around the world. This wool label symbolises company’s love and “passion for yarn”.

An extensive know-how on textiles has been acquired over decades, something that today is more valuable than ever. To owner Gerhard Schoppel, the spirit of creative handiwork is near and dear. The particular uniqueness of the Schoppel yarn collections is influenced by the interplay of art and fashion. “Knitting is the answer to the yearning for something true, something for yourself, something of value”.