Pure Silk

Fibre Content: 100% Silk
Weight: 40 g
Length: 340 m
Recommended Knitting Needles: 2.5-3 mm
Tension/Gauge: 38 sts = 10 cm
Pure Silk is amazing knitting yarn. It looks completely different from the silk we usually imagine. During special production process short silk fibres are blended together to make natural looking yarn with a rough surface – so called “raw” silk or “organic” silk. Different colours of silk fibres create melange effect. Pure Silk a little bit reminds linen yarn but is much softer. It is almost matte but a delicate shine, so characteristic to silk, can be noticed. Silk has warmth without weight. It is warm to touch and warm to wear. It breathes so can be used as a summer fibre but makes for light weight insulation in the cold. Silk can absorb an amazing 30% of its dry weight in moisture giving it similar properties to wool. The secret to silk production is the tiny creature known as the silkworm, which is the caterpillar of the silk moth Bombyx mori. It feeds solely on the leaves of Mulberry trees and produces excellent fibres of silk. These fibres are blended to produce Pure Silk yarn which comes from Japan.

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