Fibre Content: 100% Wool
Weight: 100 g
Length: 300 m
Recommended Knitting Needles: 4.5mm (1-ply), 5.5mm (2-ply)
Tension/Gauge: 19sts – 10 cm (1-ply), 14sts – 10 cm (2-ply)

Plötulopi is an unspun single ply yarn that is the favorite of the native Icelandic knitters for garments of all kinds. It is quite fragile to knit because it breaks easily but is just as easy to put it back together by simply laying the two ends together and rubbing them between your palms. No knots are needed at all! The garments knitted with Plötulopi are very light, surprisingly warm and durable. Plötulopi is often used double, triple or with a lace yarn such as mohair and silk. This makes it stronger and hard-wearing. The reason why it is possible to knit with unspun yarn is because of the Icelandic wool’s qualities: the short and soft þel hair (inner coat) cling together with the very long and coarse tog hair (outer coat). Once knitted, the tension points are distributed evenly on the stitches, the tog hair holding them all together.

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