We are Siūlo galas

We sell beautiful yarns

Simply better

Siūlo galas is family owned business, completely customer oriented and trying to be better than anybody else.

Forward thinking

Today we are offering things that everybody would like to buy tomorrow.

Know how

By doing everything by ourselves we have to think out of the box.

Our job

We are trying to do everything we can so our customers could be happy with our goods and services.

Our Story

Small family owned company driven by idea that work has to be one of the pleasures started the business in the very end of 2013.  The beginning was marked with an award for the most beautiful Lithuanian company name in 2013.

The most beautiful lithuanian company name in 2013

“Majority of DELFI readers voted for the company name “Siūlo galas”. This name liked 1550 people that participated in the survey and it is 29,1% of all voters. There were 5727 readers that expressed their opinion on their favorite name” (@ DELFI)

By winning this award we were sponsored by the biggest news portal DELFI with a commercial campaign in their websites. Step by step we were growing and gaining weight. Today we are already visible and trying to be simply better than anybody else.

Džiaugiamės DELFI apdovanojimu

Our team

is small but results speak for themselves



CEO and company founder

Completely positive thinking driven by idea to convert her hobby into nice business.




The one who converts all the dreams and visions into reality.